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Door County Resort or Hotel… How do I pick?

There are many beautiful lodging options in Door County, so how do we start looking?  To get a better understanding of where to start searching, you will need to know the differences between them, which will get you headed in the right direction.   While reading, keep in mind, that in Door County you are not going to find the common commercial hotels that you find everywhere else.

Core Focus

edgwater resort article

Edgewater Resort

With staying at a hotel, a majority of people will spend a lot of their time outside of the hotel and are typically just there to sleep.  In the past, hotels were to meant accommodate business travelers as a place to spend the night and were relatively comfortable and simple.  Over the years, that still remains true, but hotels have since offered quite a bit more luxury to their rooms.  It is not unusual to find mini-fridges, microwaves, wifi, cable tv and a more comfortable bed, included in your stay.

With a Resort, people tend to spend very little time in their room and a majority of the time enjoying the facilities.   Resorts are built specifically for vacationers and for many, not just a place to stay, but the actual destination for it’s guests.   A resort is meant for luxury and relaxing, you will find most rooms will fit that description very well.  Many include whirlpools instead of showers and more comfortable chairs instead of a desk.



hotel disgarden art

Hotel Disgarden

This is where you will see the biggest difference when choosing a hotel or resort is what they offer in amenities.  Hotels tend to be more practical in their amenities which may include a fitness room, pool area, laundry facilities, conference rooms and one place to eat.  Many are starting to include quite a bit more to accommodate a wider variety of guests.

The primary focus for a resort is fun and relaxation, so resorts will often have larger grounds to roam, multiple types of sleeping facilities, one or more outdoor pools, one or more places to eat, a fitness center, and are more likely to have tennis courts, golf courses and spas.  Just like hotels, you will find that each resort is going to be different and have it’s own character.


The Door County Difference

As was mentioned in the beginning, in  searching for the perfect place to stay, you will not find the normal list of commercial hotels and motels, but dozens of family owned Resorts, Inns, lodges, cottages and bed and breakfasts.

You may know a few friends that go to Door County every year, some carry tradition and stay at the same place every year,  and  some pick  different locations each time, and I can almost guarantee that they couldn’t tell you their favorite place to stay.  Why?  Because each and every place of stay has a certain character and unique quality that sets them apart from everyone else.  It may be the location, the proximity to a certain event, the historical culture, or perhaps the best view of the sunset in the entire bay, but by the end of your stay, you will experience the Door County difference.

Find Your Door County Destination

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